In the first place, I would like to express my sincere respect and gratitude to all of our honorable domestic and foreign partners and clients

Over the past years, thanks to your valuable support and cooperation, Tourist, Trade and Labour Export Joint Stock Company (TTLC) has been continuously growing and expanding to a variety of areas. Over time, TTLC has proved itself as a leading agency in the area of labour export, where our worldwide partners and labourers simply put their trust.

Following the achievements gained in labour export, TTLC is expanding its business to overseas study consultancy, import - export, tourism and many other fields.
Given the fact that the staffs are experienced, enthusiastic, dedicated together with our prestige built over nearly 16 years of sustainable development, TTLC strongly believes in its capabilities to become the leader in its operational fields. We commit our utmost responsibility and non-stop investment in enhancing professionalism, to better serve our clients and raise partnership to a new height; always respect, firmly maintain and enhance the reputation towards clients and partners. TTLC is earnest in co-operating with all partners in order to generate prosperity and long-term sustainable development for all concerned parties.

I wish you – the esteemed partners, clients and friends – excellent health, happiness and success.


Tran Luc